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Every computer has its own problems. There isn?t a computer in the world that doesn?t experience some sort of error at some point of its virtual life. The problem is that most of us have great trouble understanding what these mysterious error codes mean. In order to make our lives much easier you can visit, which is a site, geared at helping one understand their PC computer a bit more. There is a full listing of the different error codes along with the various ports. In addition you can find plenty of useful technical terminology that will assist you in translating the gibberish that your computer supplies you with.

The site is designed in such a way that finding what you need is no problem at all. You can turn to this site for many problems that you may be faced with. For instance if you should happen to see an error code 632 you can search this site to see what that means. You can also look through the list of errors and ports to learn more about your PC. All in all, the site is quite helpful and self explanatory. It is good to know there is somewhere simple to turn to if such a problem should occur.