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Parents should have a say on what video games can be played by their children especially the young.  Individual games have varied effects on individual players thus there is no foolproof way of ensuring that no negative results would ever occur as a result of continuously playing a certain game.  With the unbelievable pressure brought about by advertising, it is so easy to buy on impulse just to please a child.  In making the final choice, parents can be guided by ratings that suggest age appropriateness.

Video games ratings used in both the US and Canada segregates titles fitted for early childhood, everyone, everyone 10 or older, teen, mature and adults only.  Content descriptions that are found at the back of the box should indicate elements that are of specific concern including violence, language and sex, among others.

Parents should look for games that involve more than one player so as to encourage healthy group play.  Talking about the contents of a game can also help misunderstanding that could lead to aggressive behavior often blamed on video games.  It is alright to object to specific games but reasons why these games should be avoided should be clear to the child.

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