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If you deal in embedded computers you know the importance of high quality AdvancedTCA switchboards and equipment. These building blocks are capable of supporting various applications for the networked infrastructure of today.

When it comes to the world of technology, it is all about keeping on top of the latest and most updated technology and providing the public with what it needs most. Only companies that can continuously update themselves to the constantly changing technology market can survive in today’s fast pace B2B and consumer world. The manufactures of AdvancedMC constantly prove our reach in life has no limits. Advanced techniques are deployed for manufacturing embedded computer systems in various locations in Europe especially Southern Germany, North America namely San Diego, Pittsburgh, and Montreal, and Asia.

AMC’s Range in size from single (74mm x 183.5mm) to double (149mm x 183.5mm), with the flexibility and power to integrate in a simple fashion in any compatible system. This enables system vendors who use them in MicroTCA or AdvancedTCA platforms to adapt their solutions to applications demand very easy. The AMC processors are compliant with PICMG’s AMC.x specifications. This allows them to achieve extremely high performance and data throughput in a very small form factor.