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There are lots of things to think about when you are starting a website. For example, what is your website going to be about, how can you create a design that is easy to navigate, and how do you draw visitors to your site? However, even if you make all the right choices, your website still isn’t going to be successful if you don’t choose a good hosting company. There are lots of hosting companies out there, but they are not all the same – you need to find one that has the right plan for you and that offers the capabilities you need to keep your site running smoothly.

choosing-a-hosting-plan-for-your-website1The first thing you need to decide is the type of hosting account that you need. Although there are many variants, there are really three basic types of web hosting plans – shared hosting plans, dedicated server plans, and reseller plans. The one you choose depends on what you are looking to do with your website – more on that in a minute. However, it is a good idea to find a web hosting company that offers all three types, since this will let you modify your plan easily in future if your needs change – for instance, take a look at Bob Parsons GoDaddy on Tumblr.

If you are looking for an entry-level plan that costs very little, then a shared hosting plan is a good choice. This can cost less than $10 a month, and gives you a single domain along with a fixed amount of bandwidth and storage. However, the computing power you get is shared with other websites and you have a limited set of choices when it comes to development tools. Because of this, shared hosting plans are best suited for uncomplicated websites with relatively little traffic.

If you want the flexibility to do anything you want with your website and anticipate that your traffic is going to grow, then a dedicated server plan is a better choice. With this, you will get access to your own server and have the flexibility to use any development tools or software packages that you want to. Obviously this costs more than a shared hosting plan – expect to pay over $100 a month.

Finally, reseller plans allow you to resell website hosting. This is a specialized type of plan that is only suitable if you want to get into the reselling business. You will be able to make it look as if you are running your own web hosting company if you take this option, and there are no limits on what you can charge. However, keep in mind that web hosting is a competitive business, so you will need to do things to differentiate your service – for example, offering basic website design along with your web hosting packages.

choosing-a-hosting-plan-for-your-website2Finally, before you select your web hosting company, make sure that you check out reviews online from existing customers. See what they think about the company’s customer support, and whether they have had any issues with the performance of their websites. It’s also a good idea to see if the company offers an uptime guarantee – this should be at least 99.9%.