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You don’t need to be in the IT world to have come across cloud computing. In fact, the cloud has been the number one buzz word for online services for over 3 years. But the fact is, there really is no one-definition of what a cloud service is defined. That’s part of what caused the overuse of this word – almost every company that has something to do with IT has launched their own version of a cloud service. Not surprisingly the same concept has been adopted by hosting providers over the past few years with all of the big players have launched a version of cloud hosting solutions often priced higher than shared hosts and at similar levels of semi-dedicated hosting. Most of the cloud hosting options we looked at were still a bit cheaper than a fully dedicated hosting solution.

For most sites with moderate traffic the choice between a semi dedicated and a cloud sites solution is really a matter of convenience of set up and a seamless operation. Once you reach a certain level of traffic and system requirements the ease of access becomes less of an issue and performance becomes critical. While a cloud service minimizes the setup time and makes some of the management easier, the cost in performance is probably not worth these small advantages.

But going dedicated doesn’t necessarily mean you are destined to long setup times. Take for instance. They run a full online inventory of ready to go dedicated servers which basically gives you the same setup time as a cloud platform but you’re getting a real product as opposed to a virtual one. The benefit of having a real server right away is pretty unique and is definitely a noteworthy service to keep in mind of. As the industry matures we expect to see more of these kinds of services but for now, offers a unique solution that can be a real life saver.