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If you have been in the computer business for any time, you know just how competitive it is. There are always new technologies to get people excited, and everyone is trying to compete for attention. This is particularly true when it comes to computer trade shows – while they are a great way of promoting […]

Every computer has its own problems. There isn?t a computer in the world that doesn?t experience some sort of error at some point of its virtual life. The problem is that most of us have great trouble understanding what these mysterious error codes mean. In order to make our lives much easier you can visit […]

Vision Research’s Phantom Miro has a camera line that can take over a thousand photos a second and at really, really good resolution. The standard is 800×600 VGA, but if there were some things that require even faster speed (like, maybe immortalizing a fly’s sneeze) then you can lower it to 32×32 pixels and get […]

You cannot have a business or organization of any kind these days without a website. That is all there is to it. When a person hears about your company or your cause, they immediately look to see what your website is. However, simply having a site is not enough. If that person were to log […]

There is one product in the market that lets you deviate from the dictates of TV networks as to what to watch and when. A Personal Video Recorder or PVR can store recordings on a hard drive instead of a video tape. It however, has to have access to a seven-day Electronic Program Guide or […]

The structure of domain names is intended to follow a specific hierarchy in which the top level domain indicated the type of organization such as commercial or governmental, among others. Addresses would be placed from the third level onwards to indicate complex structures such as branches or departments of a mother organization. Host names were […]

A new generation of x-ray machines can possibly ease all security limits on cabin luggage. As airports continue to beef up and overhaul their security regimens, hi-tech equipments are usual additions to this end. The X-ray machine would speed up the process of passing through security gates as scanners take four images of every luggage […]

One of the most popular online industries today, if not the most popular, is the online casino industry. There are thousands of casinos, some amateur, some professional, and some that are just more worthwhile to visit then others. There are a number of ways one can find an online casino that is most suitable for […]

Time has an effect on pretty much every industry in terms of what is considered ?in? or modern. This applies to bathroom vanity units as much as it does to clothing, music, and furniture. There is no reason why bathrooms shouldn?t be as attractive and stylish as the rest of the house, and with the […]

Coming in second to cell phones as to versatility are the digital cameras being produced today. A case in point is the i85 model of Samsung which packs an 8-megapixel camera inside and a personal media player for enjoying digital music and video between shots. Sporting a brushed aluminum body, it comes with a World […]